greenworks mowers


Greenworks Mowers

Greenworks mowers are available in three power options- cordless, electric, and man-powered. Of course, the advantage of owning a Greenworks mower is its emissions-free- no gas, no oil, and no fumes. For homeowners with smaller lawns, a Greenworks push reel mower might be the right fit. Push mowers are simple to operate and maintain while offering a built-in workout when mowing the lawn. For those less athletically inclined, a Greenworks cordless or electric mower might suit you better.

Choosing your Greenworks mower is simple. First determine your power options- cordless, electric, or manual reel. Then look for features such as mulching for fast composting or self-propelled mowers which don't take much effort to maneuver. Remember, for added savings, CPO Greenworks also sells mowers in reconditioned which are good as new for much less.